Policies and FAQs


Domestic shipping:

All items are sent by either Purolator/Canada Post with tracking information provided.  All in-stock items will be sent within one to two business days unless noted on the site.

If we can meet up on the beach for some kiting we are more than happy to deliver items personally.


U.S.A. shipping:

We are unable to ship new CARVED, CORE, or Deluxe gear to U.S. addresses, please contact us if you are interested in any items listed on our demo gear page




What currency are your prices in?

All prices are in Canadian currency.

Why do you only have Core Kites?

We feel that Core makes the best kites available today with regards to safety, performance, and quality and it is all we ride. :) 

Core maintains high standards in everything they do, from product design and production through to sales and customer support.  We want provide our customers the highest quality products, we know we can accomplish this by bringing you Core!

How are warranty claims dealt with?

Warranty issues are handled by the manufacturer.  As an authorized dealer of CARVED, CORE and Deluxe we encourage everyone to register their purchases directly with the manufacturer.  If there is then need to process a warranty claim you can contact us directly and we will help you in getting the claim processed correctly.  Hangtime Kiteboarding does not directly insure or warranty any merchandise sold.

What is your return policy?

Unused products that are not indicated as special order may be returned within 15 days from the time of purchase for a refund less shipping fees and a 10% restocking fee.  Contact us to arrange a return and refund before sending anything back.  To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it, in the original packaging. Special order items and merchandise that has been opened, unpacked, unrolled, or otherwise altered from an as shipped condition cannot be considered new and unused.

You guys messed up my order! What should I do?

While we try our very best to be perfect, sometimes mistakes do occur. If you think we messed up, please give us a call at 519-503-0653 or send us an email so we can investigate the issue. If we did indeed make a mistake, we'll do everything we can to make it right for you. If you received the wrong item, or the right item in the wrong size, we'll work with you to correct the order quickly.  We will cover all costs associated with returning the mistaken item and shipping you a replacement.


Is kiteboarding easy?

Yes and No. It’s a very technical sport and with proper instruction, you could be riding within a week, but you will hit some frustrating patches where learning takes longer. Kiteboarding is progression, one of those sports you always get better at and learn new things every session.

I have a buddy who kiteboards. Why don’t I just learn from him?

Kiteboarding can be frustrating and even dangerous when taught by an untrained and uncertified instructor. A good school works with hundreds of students every year, and will get you riding way more quickly and safely.  Plus your friends are going to be out having way too much fun of their own to be spending with you learning when the wind is blowing.

What about Kites sizes?

That all depends on your local spot and conditions. A complete quiver usually consists of three kites: One for light wind (8-12 knots), one for medium wind (12-20 knots) and one for blasting wind (20 knots and more). You can get away with other combinations if you know your local spots regular wind activity and you can ride regularly there with the corresponding size of kite.  Newer kite designs are able to cover such a wind range that one or two of these kites can complete a quiver based on you local spots.

What’s a good number of boards to have and sizes?

That depends on where you ride, conditions, wind range, your skill level and your weight.  Generally a larger board is used when learning or when the wind is light, as skills and techniques improve and when the wind is blasting, a smaller can be used.  There is also the discussion of twin tips vs directionals vs surfboards.  Really, choosing your boards can be complicated and subjective to personal preferences, shoot us an email with your questions!

Will kiteboarding make me cool and boost my self-esteem?

Yes, yes it will :)




Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport with the possibility of injury or even death to yourself or others. Always follow manufacturer instructions and the directions of a certified kiteboarding instructor.  This site is not intended to replace the personalized teachings (and corrections) that a professional instructor provides during lessons. Lessons are highly recommended when learning any new sport, especially kiteboarding. Hangtime Kiteboarding assumes no liability for user application of the information and products available on this site, and any application of the information or products is at your own risk. Please ride responsibly and within your limits! Keep kiteboarding safe!