CORE Kiteboarding support media

CORE ESP and Riot XR Trim Tips
How to check the correct length of the lines on your bar and many more enhancements of your CORE quiver (ESP Control Bar and Riot XR1).
1. 0:17 Trimming the bar
2. 0:57 Adjusting the steering lines
3. 1:28 Adjusting the front lines
4. 1:49 Adding the mini hook loop
5. 2:27 Riot XR Adjusting the bar pressure
6. 2:44 Riot XR Adjusting the the turning speed
***This video was made for the ESP control bar, but is valid for the Sensor Bar in most cases too.***



Strut Bladder Replacement
Section 1: Chris shows how to remove a fast pump strut bladder and how to put in again.



Leading Edge Bladder Repair
Section 2: Chris Bösch demonstrates the repair procedure of the inflatable leading edge.



Bladder Repair
Section 3: Chris shows how to find the air leak and the detailed procedure of a bladder repair. He is using the always included Repair Kit Pro.



Speed Valve 1 Replacement
Section 4: Chris shows how to replace the black speed valve 1 on the leading edge bladder. This is similar on all other CORE kites.


Red Speed Pump Valve Replacement
Section 5: Chris shows how to replace the red speed pump valve on a strut bladder. This is similar on all other CORE kites.