Core Pump 2.0

No Strain Pumping:

Innovative materials, seals and piston coatings have virtually created a frictionless pump. An increased diameter hose outlet increases airflow and reduces pump strain.

Sand Guard Filter:

Built in air inlet foam filter in the handle to prevent sand from damaging your kite bladders and reducing pump efficiency.

Single to Double Stroke Inflation Switch:

More pressure with the turn of a knob. Switch from traditional double stroke to single stroke pumping for the last bit of air.

Calibrated Pressure Guage:

Perfect pressure every time without guessing. The new calibrated pressure gauge has a simple colour coded scale to make precise inflation a breeze.

Longer Barrel, Longer Stroke fore more air volume:

Extended barrel from the previous model to provide a more upright pumping posture. The additional length also increases pump volume with each stroke.

Ergonomic Grips:

Longer, wider ergonomic grips make pumping a breeze. The grips contour to your palm and fingers so you can leverage your body weight without leaving marks.

Heavy Duty Pump Tether with an oversized hook:

Doubled the thickness of the tether compared to the last model and an oversized hook.

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